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Follower LRHO safety. Safety made especially for the last round hold open kit.

Minimize slide from dropping after last round. Design to go with the hp22aloc kit. requires the hp22aloc follower.

refresh page to see image http://www.ephotobay.com/image/safetynotchcut.png  discontinued item


How to use this safety:

After last round is fired, simply slide the safety up then eject and pull out the magazine.  Next, insert a loaded magazine and pull the slide back about 1/4" and release the safety switch to chamber a round. 

This system is design to be much more intuitive than a simple follower hold back, and the gun handler will appear normal (when swapping magazines after the final round) when viewed from the perspective of a spectator. 

refresh page to see image http://www.ephotobay.com/image/safetynotchcuttext.png
*Mag block is shaved flatter prevents the user from dropping the slide after the slide locks back. And prevents accidently pressing the magazine release. If you shove your magazine in and the magazine release isn't pressed in, you could wear out your magazine catch. But when you shave the saftey flatter the wear is reduced. It's important that you don't eject the magazine accidently. If you do then you need to be able to fire any round in the chamber. That's why on the right of the saftey, the saftey is cut at a ramp, if you get the idea. But a shim will do the same job, just better. A shim could be made out of anything. For example, a thin plastic sheet is slid under the magazine disconnect spring metal, right under the grip.  


How to install a safety:

Tools required:
(1) a small flathead screw driver

Disassembling the grip:

  1. Remove the grip two screws with a small flathead screw driver.
  2. Remove the safety by lifting it up and pulling out.

Installation steps. 

  1. Slip the new safety in after pushing the spring out of the way. 

Video link to on how to install a stock safety. This video isn't this particular modded safety but installs the same way. http://youtu.be/WEJaBDuNBkI?t=2m18s





Cut your own safety:

Since we can't make enough of this item for sale, we're releasing some ideas so any user could built one for themselves. This is an important feature because it gives the user the capability to reload with one hand. Design to work with slugs. Remember that slugs are capable of holding 10 live rounds in mags if mod correctly.  We hate to move to other projects and leave this useful idea dead in the dust.

Here's what this particular safety does. After the last round the user engage this safety then press the mag release then the magazine falls to the ground. Inserts a new mag, release the switch and a new rounds is chambered.   It lets you to lock the slide back all the way like normal only if you pull the slide way back.

You will need some precision skills and use a diamond needle file to cut out that curve. Cut out a small bit at a time until it works with your slug. You won't make your safety useless if you make sure not to file down deeper than it should. If you make any mistakes, then you'll end up with a safety resembles the safety at the top of this page.

This safety below is cut with an aircraft HSS bit on a lathe with some degree of precision but you can do almost the same with a needle file. 

Image below: the left portion of this safety is cut out. This allows you engage the safety after the slide holds open after the last round (requires LRHO slugs) so you don't need to pull the slide back each time.






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