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Phoenix slide hold open after last round  

Locks slide back after the last round is fired thru a special aluminum slug, brass slug or both. Prevents dry fire. 


Slide holding slugs
refresh page to see image http://www.ephotobay.com/image/flowmetav2217x169.jpgstarting at$8.80 each (list price $9.99*)  -    UNAVAILABLE NO LONGER SOLD  

                                                quantities are limited due to machinery setup 
$34.95 complete set
list $39.99 sold out

shipping $2.75 

Brass slugs is now aluminum slugs. see faq about the change.



How it works. An arrow shape dummy metal round, installs much like an ordinary last round, holds the slide back after the last round thru a locking action. The round stays in there until the user pulls it out. 

Once the slide locks back the user pull slide back, flick safety then presses the mag release, dropping the mag to the floor. Inserts a fresh mag, flicks the safety and a round is chambered. Fastest reloading capability without a permanent mod to your pistol. A $49 value kit for two mag from a gunsmith.

Being foolproof, the bottom side is flat, causing the round right itself when the user inserts the round into the magazine. 

Since the dummy ammo holds the slide back much further than a follower-hold-open design, the user never has to touch the slide, the professional way to use a pistol. (this feature is not available if buying only the slugs.)  


Comes with instructions (no grinding, marring or altering your pistol in any way, no field stripping) to install all the parts that come with the kit. 
http://www.ephotobay.com/image/installlrhoslug.jpg Easy to install by boys and girls alike.

watch last round hold open slug being installed gif animation. (For brass only. The latest blue version installs the same way but will have to push the round a little deeper.)

"Because often, some rim fire pistol have an offset firing pin, the firing pin will strike the edge of the chamber when empty. It will start to peen the chamber and cause a burr to form."

Some have reported that after about 700rds you may crack the slide rail. This kit doesn't modify the pistol and your warrantee will likely be covered by Phoenix. A modified pistol may void its warrantee. Simply unplug the mod kit from the pistol and your pistol is unchanged. We also sell a guide rod to help reduce or prevent a frame crack.

The dummy ammo is design to operate well with the stock (un-mod safety) or modded safety.

Together with the disconnect disabler shim/key (if it comes with the kit) your pistol is one step closer to what is considered a normal, stress-free pistol. 

You'll be amazed by the convenience and safety the pistol has become for your leisure target practice once you have this kit. 

Magazine disconnect disabler shim/key (if included)

  1. pressing the magazine release button allows the magazine to drop free
  2. clear the chamber whether the magazine is in or out. 
  3. helps clear jams
  4. field strip without the magazine inside.
  5. use the magazine to field strip. (The magazine helps unlock the stripping pin.)
  6. use the magazine to align the spring when putting the slide back in (if you have no other choice.)
  7. target practice single shot without the magazine.
  8. simply unplug shim/key (to revert back) to make the pistol child proof once again.


If I have two magazines, do I need two insert/slugs, where do they install?

Yes. If you have two magazine, you'll need two metal insert/slug rounds. The metal round is inserted inside the magazine from the top, almost like a normal ammo. 

How to install: Insert the slug vertically below the neck line then flatten it out.


Does the kit hold the slide back after the last round is fired?

Yes. It will consistently hold the slide back after the last round. It's intended to speed up magazine exchange while preventing dry fire. This will also increase the life of the pistol. 

After the slide locks back after the last round is fired, the user's pulls the slide back and engage the safety. The left hand then reaches for the second magazine while the right hand drops the magazine. Then the magazine is inserted and the user flips the safety switch to chamber.

With our special safety switch (sold separately) you don't have to pull the slide back after every last round. Since we might stop selling this switch, we hope people can craft their own. It's fairly simple project for the crafty Phoenix owners.


 new info:   Can it hold 10 rounds?

Yes. With DYI a mod. The mod simply to shorten the top portion of your follower. Often done by simple cut from a hacksaw.  The magazine will be able to hold 1 more round to the standard magazine.   This mod is somewhat difficult and not for everyone.  This is restricted in the States of:


Why would I want to cut-off my follower?

Because the slug, other than its 9 round limitations, has more capability than a lrho follower. Such as lower cost, longer lasting, and in some kits, one hand reload capable, which is a preferred choice for self defense. Easier troubleshooting.


Which mod kit is best?

The best one is probably the brass slug. It may hold only 9 rounds but it's lower in cost, easier to install, has smoother operation and has a longer lifespan. It's easier to install/remove means it easier to troubleshoot. It can take a lot of punishment.  If anything becomes defective in the field, parts can be swapped out easily. Plastic follower gets crushed if run over by a car, but brass slugs often don't.


I noticed you changed the insert from all brass to aluminum/brass. Is there a particular reason?

It was changed aluminum/brass because the new aluminum slugs has a slippery anodized skin and lighter. It will also work when your magazine spring gets old or the magazine feed lip goes out of spec.


Do I need to buy the special safety?

You don't need our safety to prevent dry fire. But if you want the proper experience then the full kit (with safety) is a perfect choice.  If you're buying only the slug then everything may be much simpler. Just plug it in and it works right away. No instructions needed.  No messing with springs. Great for females or anyone who wants to keep it simple. The hammer always stay cocked. But be careful, the stand-alone slug may or may not be compatible with our special safety kit, in case you later decide to upgrade. If it says it's compatible in the product listing then likely it is. The safety switch is currently sold upon special request only because the tooling is being redesign. The safety itself usually sells for $15. more detail about this safety below.


I don't understand how this can work, can you explain?

The metal dummy round pops up after the last round is fired. It then fixes itself in place when the magazine is out of ammo. When the slide tries to load the dummy round, the dummy round locks the slide back because the round can't go anywhere. In effect the slug is holding the slide back.



  Important self defense tips:  

Whenever a gun fails to fire, just "tap and rack." (this will not work if your firing pin block switch is bad.)

If the gun won't chamber the first round, manually ride the slide forward.  (see troubleshooting for fix)

If the slide locks back in any way, always consider it a jam. Pull the slide back, engage the safety then drop the mag.



Will the slug damage my pistol over time?

catcher LRHO roundThe slug is made of a softer metal than the breech face on the slide. All are made of brass or aluminum which is much more easier on your pistol.  There should be little or no wear on the slide's breech face.  



What happens when I press the magazine release after the last round, will the slide drop?

Nothing happens when you press the magazine release after it holds open. You have to engage the safety before the magazine will drop. Some of our special safety comes modded so that you can eject the magazine at any time. 


I'm new to this. What should I get?

If you just want to prevent dry fire and nothing else then you can just start out with the standalone slugs. 


Additional information:

  Fine print:   Works only for one magazine per insert. If you have extra magazines, you'll need extra inserts.  Please don't be confused with the "last round slide release hold open" which uses only one traditional slide release for all magazines, known as a performance hold open (which requires cutting into your pistol and not easy to install) as seen here. (http://hp22aparts.mypress.../hp22LRHO.html) 

Safety/reliability/defense carry: Since this is a new product, the slug and the safety switch hasn't been tested for lots of years and rounds of firing to be recommended for defense. One customer reported that that they went thru 300 rounds without a hitch. The lrho slug is the most reliable compared to other lrho because of its solid metal and has a smooth operation. The kit is built with a decent degree of tolerance with no moving parts, so the only parts most likely to fail are the parts in your gun. If defending human life is important, we'd recommend removing the slugs. An instruction to remove the slug is included.  We can't predict what people will do with the kit, therefore highly recommended that users follow the safety guidelines outlined at the bottom of the page.  

The kit is built to account for the differences in old or new pistols or the factory's manufacturing variations. It should continue to function the same way after years of wear and tear. To protect your investment, remember to oil all the parts that have metal-to-metal contact using gun oil or Ballistol gun oil.

What it's mainly used for:  

  • Prevent dry fire.
  • A training device that let beginners learn what to do when the slide locks back suddenly.
  • Helps women with weak fingers chamber a round at the range.



How to remove and install the magazine spring (for the special full set safety kit owners only)

 (This special safety switch requires the spring to face correctly to get the most out of your kit)

 Full set safety kit owners only:  After you receive and install the dummy round yet the slide doesn't lock back reliably thru manual cycling, but often will lock back reliably during firing a live round, then you may have to reinstall the spring in order for the safety kit set to work right. The spring's high point (the tip) should face to the rear of the follower. The magazine spring is installed randomly from the factory; there is a 50% chance that you need not worry about this.  Highly recommend that you should check to see if it was installed correctly, instead of learning about it later down the road. It should take only three to five minutes. 

 Checking whether the factory spring was installed correctly.   Load the metal round into the magazine. Make sure the round is seated correctly and secured. Push down on the rear round rear part (the rainbow shape part) of the metal round.  The rear should pop back up all the way, just like a 22 round would pop back up all the way to the top of the magazine. If the rear part is still sunken and doesn't pop back up then follow the steps below. Also, if it fails to drop the magazine then the spring may need reversing. Some magazines may be defective from the factory and won't drop free.

Disassemble steps (disassemble/assemble can be a complex process. Disassemble only when you must):

  1. To remove the spring plunge and hold a small nail into the magazine grip hole at the bottom of the magazine then slide the grip towards the front.
  2. Once the grip begins to move, pull out the nail. Continue to slide the grip out all the way then pull the grip out.
  3. Remove the spring assembly 
  4. Put the spring back in correctly.

Installation steps. 

  1. Insert the spring facing the spring's highest point to the rear of the follower, like the picture below.
  2. Push several spring coils into the base plate. 
  3. Then push the base plate into the magazine until it stay put. If they won't stay put, hold it there then slide the grip in the same way it came out.
  4. Load ten rounds into the magazine in order to lock the floor plate into place and reset the spring. You should feel a click (locking) sound after the 9th or 10th round. Don't go to the next step until this step is complete. 
  5. For your protection, flip the safety on the slide (near the hammer) down to block the firing pin.
  6. Remove all the rounds then insert the dummy metal round.
  7. Pull the slide back, it should lock back automatically. Next pull the slide back further then engage the safety.
  8. Insert a fresh, loaded magazine. Lower the safety/slide release and a round should go into battery.

      Precautions:    Don't use the pistol to fire any rounds until you can load up to ten rounds on step 3. Once you can load ten rounds then you can load as few rounds as you like.  

How to install a safety switch

Safety switch is installed normally. See how this person installs his factory safety on video:



What is this (one hand operation) special safety? 

click to enlarge 1253x889

This safety is precisely cut and polished in a way that will allow you to engage the safety with one hand after the last round with no permanent mod to your pistol. It also makes it possible to drop the magazine to the floor without ever having to touch the slide. Unlike a normal safety, you'll never have to pull the slide again, leaving you with an extra hand to reach for a new magazine and insert the new magazine, the practical way.  This is one advantage over the lrho follower.

Usually, one hand reload is a great when you're injured. Once the kit is installed correctly, it should take little effort to flip the safety once it holds open.

When the slide is held back, the user engages the safety. Whenever the user engages the safety after the final round, the slide moves back a fraction of a hair. (How hard is it to push to engage the saftey? If you can push on a stock Glock mag release you can push up the safety switch.) This will allow the magazine to drop to the floor when the mag release is pressed and allow a new loaded magazine to load. 

If you don't want to drop the magazine to the floor, don't engage the safety all the way. Next, pull the magazine out while at the same time pressing the mag release.

Only for kits made prior to 2/20/12 - before inserting a freshly loaded magazine into the gun, the user has to make sure the top round sticks out of the magazine just a bit like this, about 1- 2 pennies thick. This will allow a round to chamber when the user flicks our specially modded safety. Installing the round this way isn't required when the user manually locks the slide back all the way. Kits sold after 2/20/12 won't have to worry about this. Just load it normally (it can fail to work if you're not loading it normally...hopefully you'll learn what works as you go.)



How to install a shim

Magazine disconnect shim/key instructions:  For your protection, the instructions to install the magazine disconnect disabler does not come with the kit's user manual. The shim helps the magazine drop free and helps clear jams.  You should be able to find those instructions on the web. Ask seller for link.

Please read magazine disconnect personal safety warnings at the bottom of this page.


How to remove a brass slug



enlarge image
  1. You'll need a 1-1/4" long small nail. Use a debur tip nail to prevent scratching your slugs.
  2. Push the slug down. Insert a nail halfway into the magazine's uppermost hole.
  3. Push your thumb under the slug. 
  4. Push the nose and the nail up at the same time, in an inward curve.
  5. The slug should stand right up or pop out.

side note: you may be able to remove the slug without any tools once you get to know it well.

How to remove an aluminum slug

tool required: a small nail (1-1/4"x 1/16")

  1. To remove the aluminum lrho round, insert two 22lr rounds into the magazine.

  2. Insert a nail into the 2nd access hole and push the nail all the way into the hole. 

  3. Remove the 22lr round then turn the magazine upside down then fish out all the rounds and slug. They should pop right out.  

  4. Pull out the nail.







Troubleshooting most common magazine problems:


 Problem   probable causes  solutions
Failure-to-feed, the insert isn't feeding ammo. The insert is binding. also see, 'Won't chamber a round.' Remove the insert and reinstall. Try machine oil or silicone spray on the inner magazine inner walls. Caution: remove most traces of sitting oil once evenly coated to prevent severe dust collecting.
Slide won't lock back after last round is fired. Magazine spring is weak. Spring installed wrong.  Reverse the mag spring and try again.**  
Won't load 9 rounds. Difficulty loading 9 rounds.  Spring isn't aligned and seated into the base plate. This fix is very important. Remove the spring and base plate and reinstall. Make sure spring coils are pushed and seated on the base plate. See installation step 2-3 above.
The slug is stuck while trying to install it.  The slug wasn't push in deep enough before seating it. Make sure the slug goes into the center of the magazine halfway before seating it. Remove the slug and try again. Push a nail into the access hole and push the follower down then pull the slug out.
Can't engage the special safety or drop the mag after last round. Spring may be installed wrong. Wrong part. Reverse the magazine spring and try again.**  Make sure the slug is compatible with your set.
Can't engage the factory safety after last round. User may be unfamiliar with the way it works  Try pulling the slide back harder and hold it there for a second or two then engage the safety switch. Countless people have snipped off a small portion of the safety to prevent any problems.  
Can't remove the magazine grip. It's not required to take out the grip to install the slug, unless it's a safety set kit. And, new magazines are typically harder to take apart.  Try pushing the grip parallel to the barrel a little harder. Take out the nail and continue pushing once the grip budges. Then pull the grip out.
Can't remove the follower.  Magazine or follower may be distorted. Use two sticks from both side of the magazine to push out the follower. example drawing
Won't chamber first round. Needs to ride the slide forward for it to chamber. Magazine is bad or the feed lips is bent such as the gun was dropped after the slide locks back.  Bad mag, bend the feed lips back. Should be a one-time process. 
Recoil spring is weak. Try a brand new recoil spring.
Ammo overshoot barrel then gets stuck pointing to sky. Magazine may be defective.  Try bending the magazine feed lips (bullet guide lips) inward tighter so it gets a tighter grip on the ammo. If bent too tight the ammo may not chamber. 
It doesn't work right even after following the instructions. defective product, wrong part, your magazine is too unique. contact seller for an exchange/replacement.
It doesn't work right and appears unsafe defective product, wrong part Free lifetime replacement for safety defects.

**  The spring should face with the spring's highest point to the rear of the follower to help the slide lock back reliably. 









 Shooting safety guidelines for this mod kit:  

  1 .     Do not put the slug into a magazine other than for the HP22 or HP22a magazine. 

  2 .     Shoot with a normal stance. The pistol should be at eye level at arm's length and horizontal, or parallel to the surface of the Earth. Eye protection is recommended.

  3 .     Bystanders should be behind the shooter, not beside the shooter or beside the gun. If you can see a round being chambered, you're in a danger zone.

 4 .     Do not use a magazine that is distorted or fails to feed. Dropping a gun after the slide locks back could distort the magazine and may cause a failure to feed. Don't use a magazine that won't feed or freely accept ammo.

  5 .    Do not use this kit for self defense or conceal carry/everyday carry.  The steel, brass round is a reliable device but it hasn't been rigorously tested for a failure to feed or other various failures. There are no reports of any failure to feed to date.

  6 .    Always decock the hammer in a three stage sequence whenever there is a live round in the chamber. Engaging the firing pin block is the first of three stage.

  Manual cycling safety warnings:  

  1. Manual cycling with a bad, rusted extractor or firing pin may cause the extractor or the firing pin to fire the gun unintentionally. Always point the gun in a safe direction. A direction where no one is around. Use snap caps if you have them.

  2. Check to make sure you can move the firing pin or the extractor back and forth with your finger nails. It should move easily and not appear frozen from rust, corrosion, syrup (Pepsi drinks spilled on it) or etc. 

  3. Make sure to throw out ammos with its bullet sunken in that had occurred during manual cycling, which rarely occurs on a 22 round. Avoid manual cycling excessively.

  4. A magazine misfeed during manual cycling or shooting (such as overshooting the barrel or ammo jam) may ignite the ammo then send off brass projectiles. Wear safety goggles. Recommend to aim angled at the ground during manual cycling, with the pistol's chambering bay pointed away from you. See "Ammo overshoot barrel..." under troubleshooting.

  5. There are other accident scenarios that we can't foresee. It's up to the owner to use common sense.


  Disabling magazine disconnect personal safety warnings:

See the bottom of this page.


last updated  Oct 2012

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