Shock rod installation guide

Step 9 above: Beware that the motion of the arrows have to occur all at the same time.  Another words, push on the slide, disengage the safety then snap the barrel all at the same time quickly. 

 CAUTION:    Keep any magazine out of the pistol during assembly/disassembly.  To remove the magazine, first engage the safety then eject the magazine slightly then disengage the safety then pull the magazine out all the way.  Practice taking down and assembling with your hands out of the trajectory and path of the barrel, except on step 9, but be certain the magazine is unloaded and out of the pistol. Engage the firing pin block safety always. Beware that a bad extractor or firing pin may fire a round when the slide slams shut. Closing the slide shut may load a round if the magazine isn't empty. Beware that the spring may come flying suddenly into your eyes.  Wear goggles.

The take down tool is not required to field strip the barrel and the slide. Also, the included instruction manual will be different from the above because this page and the printed manual are frequently changes.











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