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Cache images of the cracks and fixes of the hp22(a) from the downed bryco-jennings-jimenezarms forum, click to enlarge:



crack forming above the switch     crack viewed from an angle   arch cutout above the switch 
(opinion from the author of this page : arch cutout is best)
Above: This user says he went thru 2 of them before getting rid of it. 
View original image here http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=605633
 cutout above the switch                               

cutout on left side          cutout on right side    all parts view              zoom left side       zoom right side

crack and bulge on left side                              crack and bulge on right side  

   cutout on left side   other                                 cutout on right  side          


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crack/bulge/pucker on both sides             split upper frame in half, debris sent flying -- from thektog.org


other msc crack images:



Words from the author: Please field strip your pistol often (every 100-200 rounds) to look for the initial crack before it's too late. The crack could be drilled. Or if you're the original owner, send it in for a warranty exchange. Look for cracks on the slide, hammer, and frame.

Please wear your safety goggles. The grip or the safety switch may come at you during a catastrophic failure. Other items that may come at you are: 

A broken hammer, 
brass shrapnel from a case blow-out 
recoil spring during a field strip or 
flying objects from your target area. 

When there are no eye protection present, shoot horizontal (the practical, standard way) at eye level and squint then anticipate any problems by being aware of anything out of the ordinary.




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